Dental Implant

Missing teeth, loose partial denture, bone loss
Dental implants (and prevention of bone loss)

This patient came to see Dr. D’Angelo after his previous dentist told him that he should have his last few teeth removed and have a denture made. The patient did not feel he was ready to wear dentures! He did not realize just how important those last few teeth really were.
A couple of teeth, as insignificant as that dentist thought they were, are often the key to a more precise sensation of pressure and position during chewing. Although, the patient had lost a significant amount of bone over the years due to an ill fitting partial denture, we were able to improve the quantity of bone with the use of specialized techniques.

Several dental implants were then placed and subsequently restored with esthetic porcelain crowns.

He now enjoys his meals because he can chew more efficiently, his food tastes better due to the lack of an acrylic appliance in his mouth and he is more confident in laughter, speech and most other social interactions.

Front tooth – fractured root
Dental implant (and prevention of bone loss)

This patient was faced with the news that his front tooth had a root fracture and needed to be removed. He had seen enough bridges to know he did not want to irreversibly shave down his perfectly good neighboring teeth, then have to walk around with something fake looking.

He came to the dental office because of Dr. D’Angelo’s experience in both cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry. After a thorough evaluation and a discussion of his options, he decided on an implant placed immediately at the same visit as the tooth extraction. A provisional crown was then fabricated (also at the same visit).

Our patient left the office that day with a great looking tooth, no pain and a big smile. Several months later we bleached his remaining teeth with the BriteSmile technique and fabricated a very natural looking aesthetic porcelain crown.

Loose bridge, decay, fractured tooth, pain
Dental implant, porcelain bridge (and prevention of bone loss)

This patient was having problems with her existing bridge. Unfortunately, it was determined that one tooth had extensive decay making the tooth un-restorable. The patient did not realize anything was wrong until another tooth fractured, causing her pain.

Both teeth needed to be removed and a bone preservation technique was performed to keep the bone from resorbing immediately after the extractions. This successfully maintained the bone dimension for ideal implant placement. Two implants were placed and a new aesthetic porcelain bridge was fabricated.

Our patient now has a solid feeling bridge and can chew with ease and confidence.

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