Sports Mouth Guards

Dental mouth guards have long been used to protect the teeth, gums and supporting tissues from damage, injury and trauma. There are two types of sports mouth guards – over the counter and custom. While OTC guards are helpful for occasional use, many dental patients require the benefit of a customized dental mouth guard fitted […]

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Sinus Elevation

Ridge and sinus augmentations are surgical dental procedures used to fill in areas of the gum line and underlying bone that have deteriorated as a result of tooth loss or extraction. Specifically, a ridge augmentation refers to the reconstruction of degenerated or underdeveloped gums, and a sinus augmentation refers to an enhancement of the amount […]

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Bone Grafting

Bone grafting – also known as ridge and sinus augmentation – is a procedure used to build up the bone beneath the surface of the gums. The bones in the upper and lower arch of the mouth are responsible for supporting the teeth. When one or more teeth fall out, bone resorption occurs naturally. When […]

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Tooth Extractions

Preventing permanent bone loss and gum damage Prior to the removal of any tooth, our La Jolla dentist take the time to discuss with their patients the options for a replacement tooth. It is important to consider the options as they affect the way the removal of the tooth is approached. Our dentists prefer an approach of ATRAUMATIC TOOTH REMOVAL (without trauma) for any situation […]

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Dental Cleaning & Consultation

Dental Hygiene

Routine dental cleanings are significant in both the prevention of dental disease and the maintenance of good oral hygiene, healthy teeth and gums. Professional cleaning by a friendly, professional dental hygienist at your local La Jolla dental office includes: The dental cleaning referred to as a “dental prophylaxis,” or “prophy,” may last between 30 minutes […]

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