Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry Makeover – yellowed, damaged teeth

Mary felt her teeth were not as attractive as they used to be.

Ten porcelain veneers fabricated with the help of our master ceramist gave her the smile she always wanted.
Brilliant in color yet with natural translucency, her smile is stunning.

Cosmetic Dentistry Makeover – Gummy smile, yellowed crooked teeth

This patient had short yellowish teeth that had many discolored restorations, and too much tissue display when she smiled (gummy smile). Also, the dental arch was constricted and the front teeth protrusive giving her a “buck-tooth appearance.” In addition, she was missing two lower teeth that often showed when she smiled (only one is partially visible in these photos). The biggest problem of all was that for years she was self conscious when she smiled and would often try to hide her teeth when she smiled or laughed. Her case required many disciplines of cosmetic and implant dentistry.

  • One of the first procedures done was Cosmetic Crown Lengthening. This helped to get rid of the gummy smile and gave her longer teeth.
  • Her teeth were bleached.
  • Implants were placed where two teeth were missing on her lower arch.
  • Later, we fabricated new esthetic and Crowns for her upper teeth and crowns for her new implants.
  • The arch for was corrected giving her a broader smile by adding width to the side and back teeth and bringing the front teeth back a bit.
  • All of the advanced cosmetic and dental implant procedures were performed in one office allowing for perfect integration of her restorative plan.

FUTURE CONSIDERATIONS: Additional bleaching and replacing the yellow molar crown would complete this make-over nicely!

Cosmetic Dentistry Makeover

David had crowding along with a missing tooth and significant discoloration. Old crowns with dark lines were also present.

Invisalign to help straighten his teeth was followed by crowns and veneers on his upper and lower teeth. Dr. D’Angelo often uses Invisalign to create a better alignment which helps create a more ideal result.

Beauty and Durability:

Dr. D’Angelo’s patient —
12 years after work was originally performed
Beautiful and Natural Smile Revision:
“I have heard from people that they have never seen really nice veneers, crowns or implants. To this I would say that is probably true.The really nice cases go undetected. It is only the not so good or compromised cases that anyone notices!

Do not avoid the solution to your dental issues for fear of anything less than what you see here on these pages. Your dreams can be reality!

Cosmetic dentistry is rewarding because it can change people’s lives.

It is rewarding because a smile brings out the beauty that is within.”


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