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Beautiful dental facilities in La Jolla Personalized care from our team of friendly and highly-trained professionals can be surprisingly comfortable in our pristine state-of-the-art La Jolla facilities. Our new patients find themselves quickly at ease with the gentle dental care they receive from our talented dentists.

We combine high-tech dental techniques with patient-centered features such as nitrous oxide and topical anesthetic.

You simply glide into our restful lounge chair, slip on your stereo headphones, relax and focus on your music selections or your favorite TV show or movie (playing on our ceiling-mounted flat panel TV).

Our calm and friendly atmosphere is enhanced by complimentary comforts of:
  • TV / Satellite
  • DVD / Movies
  • Ceiling mounted flat panel TV
  • CD / Satellite Music
  • Stereo headphones
  • Cozy blanket
  • Bottled water system


Appealing Environment:

From the moment you enter our office you'll realize you're in the right place. From the subtle color tones, lighting levels, and artistic decor to the spacious rooms and hallways you'll love our welcoming and relaxing environment.


One of the elements that our patients love most in our relaxing setting is our ceiling mounted flat panel televisions with satellite TV, DVD player or music and personal headphones.
Patients always compliment us on how it makes the appointment so much easier. Rather than listening to the sights and sounds of a dental office they indulge themselves in one of their favorite shows or peacefully enjoy music of their choosing.

Patients often state that appointments seem to just "fly by." Some patients even say that their dental appointment is one of the only times that they get to relax.

Have a "Laugh" on us:

Nitrous oxide which is often referred to as laughing gas is a very effective remedy for anxiety. Our patients feel calm and peaceful within minutes and can immediately relax and enjoy watching their favorite TV shows or listen to the music of their choice.

Some people may have had negative experiences related to dental visits in their pasts. No matter how they try to rationalize that it is not the way it used to be or that they are in good hands they have still experienced stress at the very thought of a dental appointment. These people relax within minutes of using nitrous oxide and in comfort they can get the care that they sometimes have put off for years.

Nitrous oxide is also very effective in helping people with uncomfortable gag reflexes. It is not only effective but very safe. After an appointment a patient can safely drive themselves home or back to work without the after-effects that most anti-anxiety medications have.

For those people that have anxiety the night before an appointment or have trouble getting to the office without undo stress we can provide a simple and effective prescription pill.

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Digital X-Ray System:

A digital X-ray (radiography) system shoots a picture of your teeth, then almost immediately displays it on a computer monitor. You no longer have to sit and wait for X-ray film to develop. Because the Digital X-ray system is more sensitive than X-ray film systems, your exposure to X-rays is cut 75% percent or more.

Advanced Sterilization Systems:

Incorporated in our new state-of-the-art office are the most advanced sterilization systems and protocols.

Instruments are either disposed of or put through a rigorous sterilization process which includes special cassettes, a high tech pre-wash and disinfection with a MIELE dental instrument washer and steam sterilization in one of our new sterilizers. Instruments stay in a sterile wrap until our patients are seated and ready for their treatment.

Rather than city water, we use only distilled bottled water in our equipment. All water lines are disinfected continuously for your safety.

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